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‚ÄčThe Healing Spirit W‚Äčellness Spa


105 E. Main St.   Suite 204 

Morris, IL  60450

(located downtown Morris)

Massage Therapy


30 min. - 30.00

60 min. - 60.00

90 min. - 90.00

Relaxation is either Swedish or Esalan both being a relaxing soft or medium pressure

massage that is concentrating on relaxing the muscle tissues


30 min. - 35.00

60 min. - 65.00

90 min. - 95.00

Therapeutic is a the best of both worlds. Relax and unwind while having a more focused

approach, with specific tender spots addressed, slightly more pressure, and extra time on problem areas


30 minute Specialty Massage - 45.00

60 minute Specialty Massage - 75.00

90 minute Specialty Massage - 105.00

Deep Tissue Massage targets sore muscles and joint pain. This approach can include very deep pressure or spending the time on one muscle group/area with trigger point release and other specific techniques


(Chair or Table)

We offer spot massage work if you have an area that is of particular concern (i.e. tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, knee pain, neck issues)

15 minute spot treatment - 20.00

20 minute spot treatment - 25.00

25 minute spot treatment - 30.00

30 minute spot massage - 35.00

45 minute spot massage - 50.00


Activity-specific manual therapy techniques with therapeutic stretching.

Enhance athletic performance and prevent injury for our active clients.

Pre/post-event sessions and packages available

60 min. - 80.00 / 90 min- 110.00

Prenatal Massage

- Massage tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women throughout the trimesters and post-natal discomfort.

We offer the options of being side-lying or a unique prenatal table that allows mom-to be the comfort of lying on her stomach.

60 min- 65.00

Couples Massage

- The couple are in a room together that has 2 tables. You are given the Massage of your choice and a

warm towel is used to massage your back to help you relax even more.

You will each have your own massage therapist during the massage time. This is very nice for couples,

friends, mother/daughter, girls night out, or a special occasion i.e.Anniversary, Valentines Day, etc.

Specialty Massages/Bodywork

Lymphatic Drainage Massage 1 hour - 80.00

A massage that is very gentle and treats lymphedema or other lymph issues where fluid accumulates in the body tissues.

This massage encourages the lymph system to remove this fluid and return the body to a more homeostatic state.

Cranial Sacral 1 hour - 80.00

A gentle form of body work that concentrates on the bones of the head, spine, and sacrum to release compression

and reduce stress and pain in the body.

One Hour Reiki Treatment- 70.00

- Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by

"laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.

If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of

being happy and healthy.

Warm Bamboo Massage - 35.00/65.00/95.00

-Warm Bamboo Sticks are used massage, Knead, & Roll the muscle tissues in a gentle manner and the warmth

helps the tissues relax giving a wonderfully relaxation application with the effects of a Therapeutic massage.


90 minute Hot Stone Full Body- $100

30 minute Hot Stone Upper Body- $55

- Therapists use hot stones as an extension of their hands to access deep muscle tension with soothing heat

Reikissage - 80.00/100.00

- Reikissage as a form of bodywork is a wonderful way to work on all layers of the human energy field through

gentle touch and nurturing on a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level.

One Hour Chakra Clearing & Balancing OR Healing Hands Session $50

- Chakras are energy centers, vortexes or portals within the body that receive, assimilate and transmit life energy.

They are deeply connected to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Added options include Crystals and Aromatherapy


Basic Aroma Therapy- 10.00

(simply for enjoyment of a specific scent)

Steam Towel Compressions- 10.00

 Steam Towel with Scalp Massage- 10.00

Hot Stone Spot Treatment-10.00

- Integrating the use of hot stones in a specific area of tension for more muscle relaxation and a more pampering massage.

Deep Conditioning Hand and Foot treatment- 20.00

- This treatment is great for anyone who has dry, cracked and aching feet and hands. The pedi-balm along with the hot towel application will help the balm soak into your feet. This treatment will leave your hands and feet feeling like a million bucks!

Ice Massage/Ice Packs - 10.00

- Ice is used to massage a specific region that is sore and/or inflammed. This allows the body to absorb the fluid and reduce swelling that may be causing additional pain and discomfort in a specific region.

CBD Spot Treatment 10.00

Pain/Inflammation Relieving Topical Cream is applied to a specific area in need

Paraffin Dip Hands OR Feet-15.00

Hands or feet are dipped into a warm, moisturizing Parafin. placed on the Hands or the Feet and then placed inside a warming Boot or Mitten. After several minutes in the parafin it is removed.

Cupping Spot Treatment - 15.00

Cups used on a specific area to enhance relaxation or pain relief

CBD Ful-Body Treatment for Inflammation/Anxiety-20.00

Topical Cream is integrated with your massage cream for a calming effect that lasts

Paraffin Dip-Feet and Hands $25

-This is treatment where the hands or feet are covered in lotion and a plastic bag of warm Parafin is placed on the Hands or the Feet and then placed inside a warming Boot or Mitten. After several minutes in the parafin it is removed and your hands or feet are given a relaxing massage. This is wonderful for sore hands/feet, arthritis, moisturization, inflamation, or cold hands and feet.

Soothing Foot Treatment $35

- This is a session that includes detoxifying foot soak, buffing of calluses, sugar scrub for exfoliation, foot mask for smoother skin and detoxification, deep moisturizing foot massage followed by a refreshing spritz at the end.